Harleyville, South Carolina

The Dorchester Project is a 20 MW biomass-fired facility located in Harleyville, South Carolina that commenced commercial operation in November 2013. Atlantic Power acquired a 100% interest in Dorchester from EDF Renewables and became the Project operator in July 2019. There is no project-level debt.

All of the output of the Project is sold to South Carolina Public Service Authority (a state-owned utility, also known as Santee Cooper) under a 30-year PPA that expires on October 31, 2043. The Project receives energy payments for the energy produced. The fuel cost component of the energy payment is based on a biomass market index. Most of the fuel for the plant is from mill and harvesting residues. The surrounding area has substantial and reliable wood supply.

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Dorchester Biomass
Harleyville, South Carolina
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South Carolina Public Service Authority PPA Expiry: October 2043
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