Environmental, Health & Safety

Atlantic Power Corporation is an independent power producer focused on owning and operating a diverse portfolio of power technologies while ensuring the highest level of standards regarding people safety and health. Our Environmental, Health, & Safety (“EHS”) Policy is aligned with our corporate mission, values and beliefs.

Specifically, we will continually strive to build and maintain EHS Systems that do the following:

• Comply with all applicable local, state, provincial, and federal laws and regulations.

• Identify and manage physical risk to protect people and the environment.

• Promote EHS awareness and competency through education and training at all levels of the organization.

• Integrate EHS principles into our business decisions.

• Require proper reporting and investigation of EHS-related incidents in order to learn from them and prevent reoccurrence.

• Foster a business environment that focuses on our organization’s Operational Excellence value.

• Reduce the environmental impact of our plants through optimization efforts.

• Ensure that stakeholders visiting our plants understand and comply with our EHS policies and procedures.

We recognize that sustaining our commitment to an environmentally responsible and an injury free workplace is the duty of every person working at our sites. It is our company’s belief that all EHS incidents are preventable.

We are focused on building a culture of servant leadership and of excellence, putting others’ needs ahead of our own and executing our jobs with attention to detail. This is how we will build a great power company and provide value to our many stakeholders.