Carney's Point, New Jersey

Chambers Cogeneration, LP owns the 261 MW net, pulverized coal-fired facility located in southwest New Jersey. Atlantic Power indirectly owns a 40% interest in the facility, which began commercial operation in 1994. Starwood indirectly owns the remaining interest in the facility.

Chambers Cogeneration is one of the cleanest coal-burning facilities in the U.S., with state of the art emissions control equipment designed to remove SOx, NOx, and particulates, as well as heavy metals such as mercury. The facility was the first commercial-scale pulverized coal facility in the U.S. to use selective catalytic reduction technology.

The facility sells the majority of its generating capacity and electrical output to Atlantic City Electric (ACE), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Exelon Corp., under a long-term power purchase agreement expiring in March 2024. Chambers Cogeneration also sells electricity and steam to the adjacent Chambers Works facility owned by Chemours Co., pursuant to a long-term contract expiring in March 2024. Capacity and energy not sold to Chemours or under the ACE PPA is sold at market prices under a separate Power Sales Agreement with ACE that is renewed annually.

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Carney's Point, New Jersey
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Atlantic City Electric
PPA Expiry: March 2024
S&P Credit Rating: BBB+

Chambers Works (Chemours)
Contract Expiry: March 2024
S&P Credit Rating: BB