Naval Training Center

San Diego, California

The Naval Training Center is a 25 MW combined cycle cogeneration facility that serves the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot and the Antisubmarine Warfare Training Complex in San Diego. The Naval Training Center Project achieved commercial operation in 1989. Atlantic Power indirectly owns 100% of the Project.

Steam produced by the Project is used to meet the energy requirements of a network of 245 buildings on the Depot campus. Steam from the Project is sold to the Navy under an agreement that also allows use of the site and expires in February 2018. Electrical output of the facility is sold to San Diego Gas & Electric Company under a long-term PPA expiring December 2019.

Atlantic Power manages and operates the Project.

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Naval Training Center

San Diego, California
Fuel Type: 
Natural Gas
Total Megawatts: 
Atlantic Interest: 
Net Megawatts: 
Electricity Off-Taker: 

San Diego Gas & Electric
PPA Expiry: 2019
S&P Credit Rating: A+