Brush, Colorado

The Manchief plant is a 300MW simple cycle generating facility located near Brush, Colorado. Manchief commenced commercial operation in 2000. Atlantic Power indirectly owns 100% of the Project.

The entire output of Manchief is sold under a long-term contract with Public Service Colorado (PSCo) expiring in April 2022. Manchief provides electricity to PSCo during peak load periods, typically during morning and evening. Operations and maintenance services for Manchief are provided under contract with Colorado Energy Management, LLC. The facility is managed by Atlantic Power.

Manchief joined Atlantic Power through the acquisition of Capital Power Income LP in November 2011.

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Brush, Colorado
Fuel Type: 
Natural Gas
Total Megawatts: 
Atlantic Interest: 
Net Megawatts: 
Electricity Off-Taker: 

Public Service of Colorado
PPA Expiry: April 2022
S&P Credit Rating: A-