Koma Kulshan

Concrete, Washington

The Koma Kulshan Project is a 13.3 MW run-of-the-river hydroelectric generation facility located on the slopes of Mt. Baker, north of Seattle, Washington. It commenced commercial operation in October 1990. The Project is owned by Koma Kulshan Associates, in which Atlantic Power indirectly owns a 49.75% economic interest. Mt. Baker Corporation indirectly owns a 0.25% economic interest, and Covanta Energy Corporation indirectly owns the remaining 50%. The Koma Kulshan Project holds a 50-year hydroelectric license from FERC.

The Project sells its electrical output to Puget Sound Energy, Inc. under a long-term power purchase agreement expiring in March 31, 2037. Koma Kulshan is operated and maintained by an affiliate of Covanta Energy.

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Koma Kulshan

Concrete, Washington
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Total Megawatts: 
Atlantic Interest: 
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Puget Sound Electric
PPA Expiry: March 31, 2037
S&P Credit Rating: BBB