Pierce County, Washington

The Frederickson Project is a 250 MW natural gas-fired combined-cycle generating facility, located in Pierce County, Washington State. Atlantic Power indirectly owns a 50.15% in the Project. Frederickson achieved commercial operation in 2002.

The output from Atlantic Power's interest in the facility (approximately 125 MW) is sold to Morgan Stanley Capital Group Inc. The toll agreement runs through September 2025.

Puget Sound Energy has a 49.85% interest (approximately 124 MW) in the project and uses its share of the output to serve its retail customers. Dispatch of the facility is coordinated with Puget Sound Energy.

Atlantic Power operates and manages the Project.

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Pierce County, Washington
Fuel Type: 
Natural Gas
Total Megawatts: 
Atlantic Interest: 
Net Megawatts: 
Electricity Off-Taker: 

Morgan Stanley Capital Group Inc.
Toll Expiry: September 2025 S&P Credit Rating: A+