Tyler Kruse

Senior Vice President - M&A & Corporate Development

Tyler joined Atlantic Power & Utilities in September of 2021, after the acquisition of Atlantic Power by I Squared Capital. Tyler has spent his career in various investing, M&A, and corporate development roles across the energy spectrum, including upstream energy, midstream infrastructure, as well as power and utility companies.

Prior to joining Atlantic Power & Utilities, Tyler was a Principal at Twenty First Century Utilities (TFC), an investment platform backed by I Squared Capital that specialized in acquiring, operating, and optimizing power and utility assets, where he focused on analyzing and executing on new investment opportunities. Prior to joining TFC, Tyler was the Chief Financial Officer of a Quantum Energy Partners-backed upstream portfolio company focused on unconventional resource development in the Haynesville Shale play. Tyler held various investing roles with Quantum Energy Partners prior to joining the leadership team of the upstream portfolio company. Tyler graduated from Wake Forest University with a dual major in Economics and History.