Bethlehem, New York

The Selkirk Project is a 345 MW dual-fueled, combined-cycle, cogeneration facility located in Bethlehem, New York. The facility was constructed in two phases, Unit I and Unit II, which commenced commercial operations in 1992 and 1994, respectively. The Project is owned by Selkirk Cogen Partners, L.P., in which Atlantic Power has an 17.7% economic interest. Energy Investors Fund, Osaka Gas and the McNair Group indirectly own the remainder.

Selkirk sells all of its energy, capacity and ancillary services into Zone F of the NYISO merchant market. . Selkirk has an agreement with Shell Energy North America, L.P. to purchase its natural gas requirements and to manage the sales of its output into the NYISO. Steam is sold to the adjacent SABIC plastics (formerly GE Plastics) manufacturing facility.

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Bethlehem, New York
Fuel Type: 
Natural Gas
Total Megawatts: 
Atlantic Interest: 
Net Megawatts: 
Electricity Off-Taker: 

NYISO Merchant Market

SABIC S&P Credit Rating: A+