Kapuskasing, Ontario

The Kapuskasing Project uses a process called enhanced combined cycle generation to produce electricity. A gas turbine driven generator produces approximately 25 MW of electricity. The hot exhaust gases are directed into a once through heat recovery steam generator where the heat is used to create steam which drives a steam turbine generator. Exhaust gases from two nearby TransCanada mainline gas transmission compressor station turbines produce additional steam that is delivered to the steam turbine generator where an additional 20 MW of power is generated. Kapuskasing achieved commercial operation in 1997. The Project is wholly-owned by Atlantic Power.

The electric output of the facility is sold to the Ontario Electricity Financial Corporation under a PPA expiring in 2017. Natural gas is supplied to the facility under a contract with TransCanada Power Marketing which expires in 2016. Atlantic Power manages and operates the Project.

Kapuskasing joined Atlantic Power through our acquisition of Capital Power Income LP in November 2011.

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Kapuskasing, Ontario
Fuel Type: 
Natural Gas
Total Megawatts: 
Atlantic Interest: 
Net Megawatts: 
Electricity Off-Taker: 

PPA Expiry: 2017
S&P Credit Rating: AA