The Company | Investment Highlights

A Diversified Fleet of Power Generation and Transmission Assets

  • Fleet consists of a diverse group of power projects in operation or under construction, all strategically located in major U.S. and Canadian power markets.
  • Projects are well diversified based on electricity and steam off-takers, regulatory jurisdictions, and regional power pools.
  • 95% of our power generation is "clean power".

Demonstrated Operating Performance of Projects

  • Assets have demonstrated a stable track record of consistent electrical power generation and high project availability and reliability.
  • Efficient portfolio of power generating facilities with average remaining useful lives in excess of 9 years.

Stable Long-Term Contracts with Strong, Diverse Utility Customers

  • Cash flows derived from the sale of electricity under long-term Power Purchase Agreements typically designed to pass through fuel cost fluctuations.
  • Customers are predominantly regulated electricity utilities with investment-grade credit ratings from Standard & Poor's (S&P).

Predictable, Operating Margins, Stable Cash Flow

  • Generation projects typically have long-term power sales and fuel supply contracts.
  • Diversified and financially strong customer base.
  • Atlantic Power has hedged approximately 71% of its Canadian dollar-denominated common share dividends and convertible debenture interest payments through 2015 against changes in the $US/$CAD exchange rate.

Strong In-House Operations and Partnerships with Experienced Operators

  • The majority of our projects are operated and maintained by our seasoned team at Atlantic Power.
  • Projects not operated in house are operated and maintained through strong partnerships with recognized third party operators in the independent power industry.

Strong Position to Access North American Growth Opportunities

  • Unrivaled access to U.S. and Canadian deal flow and a wealth of independent power experience are expected to enable us to identify good projects and properly price acquisitions.
  • Joint ventures with power development companies is a strong focus of our growth strategy, as it provides proprietary access to a pipeline of late-stage development projects.